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The Best Tools for Your Treatment Are Here

The DIAsmile teeth-in-a-day dental implant process is one of the most advanced treatments in all of dentistry. To make this treatment possible, Austin Dental Implant Center provides state-of-the-art technology to our board certified dental implant providers. To make the most accurate diagnosis possible, Austin Dental Implant Center uses in-house Cat-Scan machines to evaluate the condition of existing bone structure. For the most accurate planning of your implant bridges, Austin Dental Implant Center uses world-class Zirkonzahn Facehunter face scanning technology and Zirkonzahn Modellier digital prosthetic design software. For the most accurately manufactured dental prosthetics, Austin Dental Implant Center laboratory technicians use top-of-the-line Zirkonzahn M4 Milling Machines. To enhance sedation safety, Austin Dental Implant Center uses hospital-grade sedation monitors and operating room equipment. At Austin Dental Implant Center, we pair the most advanced dental technology with expert dental providers to deliver the highest level of dental implant care. 

Our On-Site Technology Saves Time

At Austin Dental Implant Center, all of your treatment takes place in one location by a singular team of dedicated providers. One team. One location. One focus. Compare the Austin Dental Implant Center approach to the dental implant process typically used at most other dental offices. In order to provide dental implant treatment, many dental offices require you to drive all over town and interact with a bunch of random providers. First, your dentist will have you drive to an imaging center to have a Cat-Scan performed. Of course, you usually have to pay for this scan yourself. Next, the dentist often has you drive to a surgeon’s office multiple times for an evaluation and then again for the surgical procedure. After having your surgery at this different office, you are loaded up into a car and shuffled back to your dentist’s office where a temporary laboratory technician “helps” the dentist make you a temporary restoration. Finally, your dentist sends your dental implant restoration away for fabrication in an off-site dental laboratory that is both out of site and out of mind. Which way would you prefer…the efficient and highly managed all-inclusive Austin Dental Implant Center process or the disjointed way of the traditional dentist?  

The Benefits of Our In-House Dental Lab

Most dental offices send their implant restorations to outside laboratories for fabrication and have very little to no control over the manufacturing process.  At Austin Dental Implant Center, each of our offices has in-house laboratory technicians to allow for custom fabrication of your dental implant prosthetics. Austin Dental Implant Center dental technicians use state-of-the-art Zirkonzahn laboratory equipment to design and manufacture your dental implant bridges.  This not only enables us to maintain control over the quality of your implant teeth, but also allows us to have them completed and delivered to you much faster. At Austin Dental Implant Center, we have invested in the best technology possible in order to provide you with the best restorations possible. 

See how advanced technology transforms your dental health!

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