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The doctors at Advanced Dental Implant Center are industry leaders for dental implant treatment. With more than 25,000 dental implants placed, 60+ implant articles published in peer reviewed dental journals, 150+ main podium lectures at conferences devoted to dental implants, and dozens of dental industry awards, Advanced Dental Implant Center doctors have the experience you need for dental implant treatment. While most dental offices offer dental implants as side treatment among a long list of other procedures (ie. fillings, root canals, bleaching, etc.), Advanced Dental Implant Center specialize in the placement and restoration of dental implants. Who would you rather have placing your dental implants, the board certified specialist with up to 5 years of post-graduate training that place implants on a daily basis, or the non-specialist doctor with weekend implant training that occasionally places implants in between fillings and root canals? When it comes to dental implant treatment, the choice is clear…Advanced Dental Implant Center!       

Advantage of using Advanced Dental Implant Center

When working with Advanced Dental Implant Center, the advantages are Clear over other dental implant centers. First and foremost, Advanced Dental Implant Center is staffed by highly qualified and well trained LOCAL dental professionals. We are not a national corporate chain that shuttles dentists in and out of Austin with the winds of change.

Advanced Dental Implant Center is unique in the fact that we have a surgical center in the heart of Austin and multiple restorative centers close to your home. While some corporate chains tout the benefits of a single implant center, consider the following:

*If you live in South or North Austin and work with the large corporate chain with a single location in central Austin, every trip you make to their surgical center is going to be a long one. We all know how bad Austin traffic can be. Does sitting in traffic for an hour to go in for a 5 minute post-surgical appointment sound convenient? I did not think so.

*If you live in South or North Austin and work with Advanced Dental Implant Center, your surgery will be performed with Dr. Holtzclaw in our Central Austin state-of-the-art surgical center. All of your other appointments, however, will be performed at one of our restorative centers close to your home. This means less time sitting in traffic and increased convenience for you!

*If you work with the large corporate chain with a single location in Central Austin, you are typically given one choice for your dentist…whoever happens to be working at that location at that particular time. If you do not like your dentist,

We are Dental Implant Experts

Drs. Holtzclaw and Gonzalez examining a patient's dental x-ray
Dr. Holtzclaw training dentists on implant techniques

The Practice That Teaches Other Practitioners

Our training and experience with dental implants are so extensive that Advanced Dental Implant Center doctors are often considered the go-to authorities in the field.  We teach other clinicians how to complete specialized dental implant procedures and select sedation methods.  

Our Founder, Dr. Dan Holtzclaw, has authored multiple research articles that are routinely referenced in training programs nationwide.  Our doctors serve on the editorial boards of multiple dental implant journals and have given hundreds of main podium lectures on dental implantology at high-profile industry events around the world.  When considering dental implant treatment, who do you want performing your procedure…the teacher or the student?

Let us put our experience to work for your dental health!

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